Bad Credit Is An Obstacle For Everyone: Smith Financials And Carlos Smith Can Help You Restore Yours

Bad Credit Is An Obstacle For Everyone: Smith Financials And Carlos Smith Can Help You Restore Yours

It is not a surprise that many people have at times in their life wanted to buy something and simply can not do it or it is more difficult for them because they have bad credit. But to have good credit people need to know how the credit system works.

Carlos D. Smith is a father, businessman, credit coach, and founder and CEO of Smith Financials LLC, which has become the fastest growing credit coaching business in the United States.

From a very young age Carlos felt driven to the world of business and finance but he did not have many opportunities because he didn’t “qualify” for the best options. This is because credit dictates a lot of what people can and cannot have financially, and this is why he decided to found Smith Financials LLC to educate others about this.

We start by restoring your credit. We go beyond fixing and go all the way to building, and maintaining what you have achieved. We make you look good, not just on paper, but in all aspects of your financial life so you can have better choices, and make better financial decisions.” Carlos explains.

Carlos’ business model revolves around helping people, because he needed help at some point in his life and was not able to get it when he needed it. Smith Financials LLC is open to anyone who needs help with credit, financing or building a sustainable business.

“I’ve transformed my life and I can help change yours.” Carlos says. “I’m not sure if it’s because of what I’ve been through, but it’s like I’m programmed to always find a way. I love challenges, but I love learning what comes with it even more.”

In order to find solutions to problems, Carlos thinks people must have the right mindset. It should never be a question of whether it is possible or not, but rather what can you do to make it possible.

“My favorite quote is: ‘Successful people are not problem-free. They are simply people who have learned to solve their problems.’ By Robert C. Worstell.” Carlos shares.

It was necessity that drove Carlos to work in this industry. There was a time when he was broke and met a person who helped him improve his credit.

After that, I asked him plain and simple, “How much does it cost to teach me what you just did with my credit?” What Carlos did was learn everything he could from his mentor’s business and build his network, “I met people, did some testing and found my market. Suddenly, I was helping people left and right. That’s when I realized that not only had I started a profitable business, but I had discovered a channel to help people like me, Americans who are down on their luck and waiting for an opportunity to present itself to them.”

Smith Financials LLC’s mission is to help Americans achieve financial freedom. They work every day with that in mind, from sales advisors to IT people, and their clients feel it every time they talk to them. 

“For me leading is about vision and humility. A great leader knows what the future looks like and can lead the organization into that future. As early as now, my team and I are anticipating the problems we may encounter next year, especially now that we are climbing fast. On the other hand, humility is about realizing that you don’t have all the answers and that you need key people to make the vision possible. It actually took me a while to realize this, but the moment I accepted it, everything fell into place. My company just reached a new milestone this April. We earned all of our 2019 revenue 4 months into 2020 – and that’s because I put my trust in the people I have – people who understand and share my vision.” He adds.

Carlos is working on launching an online class with the template for his success. It will be available to anyone willing to follow his footsteps and make it in this business.

“Imagine 3 people take this class and start their own credit coaching business – then we just made 3 more leaders that are going to help 10, 100, 1000 clients each. A lot of people are going to have better choices in life! Now that’s big.” Carlos comments.

After all, Carlos truly believes that mentoring is the best way to learn something quickly without making the mistakes you would make trying to figure something out on your own.

That’s why I came up with an online class called Credit Coaching Blueprint. I put it together for clients who have completed our program to be able to leverage their awesome credit and just to take it to the next level. Having the right template for your business, the right process and platforms delivered to you can help guarantee your success with less risk and in less time.” He states.

Learn more about Carlos and Smith Financials LLC here.

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