Jeremiah Campbell: Paving The Path To A Brighter Future For His Community And Team, Utilizing The Power Of Solar Energy

Jeremiah Campbell: Paving The Path To A Brighter Future For His Community And Team, Utilizing The Power Of Solar Energy

Solar is the way of the future. Jeremiah Campbell was first exposed to solar a few years ago and knew immediately that it was the path for him. He wanted to make sure that he was ahead of the curve in the market to be able to be on the cutting edge.

Solar Reaction is just that, our reaction to the current state of the solar market. After setting the standard in other construction fields, I witnessed the solar market, its shortcomings and pitfalls and chose to react by assembling an all-star team that now sets the standard for quality of installation of solar and green energy products. I have worked tirelessly, along with my team, for decades to better my community and now I am helping everyone on the planet!

 When the idea of solar was introduced to me, it made immediate sense to start owning energy as opposed to renting from the electric company. Upon investigation, I realized that the information I was receiving was all over the map and inconsistent at best. From installation problems to broken promises with clients that end up paying much more than agreed, to realizing most groups merely subcontracted to the lowest bidder! It was time for me to step up to this new plate and raise the bar,” Jeremiah states.

What makes Jeremiah special in the solar business is that he is not trying to leave his community behind. He focuses on building up people with him because building solar energy without helping others achieve their own clean energy is not helpful.

“Our motivation is for Solar Reaction to be created with the same ideals and values that paved setting the standard in any industry I enter, having near a 5-star rating with over 950 reviews. Our focus is on community, health and wealth creation. We invest in our employees to give them the skills and resources necessary to succeed not just in business but in everyday life. With such a solid foundation, it is time to shoot for the stars. Well one star in particular, our sun! We can’t wait to have you as part of our new family. We know if we put the customers’ needs first that they will always return and be our largest advocate to change the way that contractors treat customers and vice versa,” Jeremiah states.

What has helped Jeremiah differentiate himself from others is his incredible mindset and ability to inspire others to reach their full potential. He has been able to uplift himself and communities through his positive work, but he could not have done any of it without his amazing mindset.

“Mindset is extremely important and one of our core value focuses. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. I am excited to take our team building abilities to the next level with solar energy. We are going to revolutionize the industry to not only reduce the carbon footprint but save people money and make their homes and businesses more valuable as well! Never accept the unacceptable. There is no such thing as problems, just challenges. When you dream big enough to put everyone’s dreams within yours, that is the recipe to win. Issues arise, but that isn’t the problem. The solution is how we handle it as a company. You set the standard for whatever one will live up to,” Jeremiah remarks.                                   

To find out more about Jeremiah you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.

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