Jonathan Tjoa Algreen, The Successful Multi Millionaire And Pioneer That Changes The World Through Progressive And Socially Responsible Business

Jonathan Tjoa Algreen, The Successful Multi Millionaire And Pioneer That Changes The World Through Progressive And Socially Responsible Business

If you ask Jonathan Tjoa Algreen what his business title is, be prepared for a long list. As a co-owner in over 8 businesses and involvement in countless others, keeping busy is a way of life for Jonathan. 

“I am a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, serial investor and thought leader in impact driven business. With over 20 years of experience, having  founded, ran, bought and sold businesses multiple times always advocating my values of ethicality and transparency. I have created a safe space on my social media channels to elevate and nurture aspiring entrepreneurs,” Jonathan says. 

Jonathan is the founder and CEO of both Impact Business Investment Group (IBIG) and 1 People, the founder of Business for Planet, and the co-owner of Valified, Nordic Impact Bridge, DoLand, LOVENATURE|Superfoods and Wennick–Lefèvre, to name a few. In all of his pathways, Jonathan works towards transparency to aid other entrepreneurs on his path.

“I share my best practices, the highs and lows encouraging audiences to be curious and test their ideas, ask questions and learn from their mistakes without judgement. I aim to educate, engage and empower our future to become not only entrepreneurial but socially and environmentally responsible,” Jonathan outlines. 

In addition to using his businesses as a platform to share his insight with his peers, Jonathan also understands the importance and responsibility of running progressive businesses. Social impact is inherent and integrated in all of Jonathan’s businesses, whether he plays a large or small role. 

“Each and everyone of my businesses I founded or have invested in have progressive green initiatives or have social impact integrated in the business model. They all operate in different fields and sectors such as; fashion, jewelry, education, hospitality, food, tech, fintech, pharmaceutical, medico, property, investment platforms and more. But all are committed to a sustainable and transparent supply chain,” Jonathan says. 

While many are motivated by wealth, financial success, or acclaim from their peers to enter the business world, Jonathan’s inspiration was something bigger. He was truly motivated by his belief that the future of business is a combination of being both profit driven and taking a deeper and more comprehensive responsibility for both humanity and the planet. Jonathan is able to use his businesses in a direct way for creating a better tomorrow for more people and the planet.

“I’m inspired by people and the way we can do better. I am not playing in one specific industry, but in each and every sector or environment I operate in my commitment to the transparency and sustainability of the supply chain is unparalleled. I ensure my brand’s honest ethos is embedded in the business solving retailers biggest pain points and starting collaborations in the win-win manner,” Jonathan says. 

In this way, Jonathan is able to reframe his definition of success. All of his businesses have a more significant and larger objective than profit, showcasing how success means to him that his commitment to creating a better world through business and mindful leadership has been recognised and inspired future generations of entrepreneurs and emerging brands. 

“I aim for my audiences to live through my businesses, through gentle education and consumption they can identify how to be sustainably aware in their own lives. My more than two decades in business, as an entrepreneur and investor, has created a substantial financial foundation, however this has never been my primary motivation but rather a result of strong focus, dedication, hard work and consistency through all the years,” Jonathan outlines. 

In the coming year lies exciting progress for Jonathan and his companies, including the launch of the Business for Planet programme, a regional company setup in Europe in both United Kingdom and Germany, six market launches in new markets for 1 People and minimum four investments in new companies for Impact Business Investment Group – all of which will summit to a very successful 2021. 

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