Learn How Bnefit, the Fast-Growing Disruptive Fintech Company, is Expanding to the Metaverse and Crypto

Learn How Bnefit, the Fast-Growing Disruptive Fintech Company, is Expanding to the Metaverse and Crypto

The global economy has been transforming over time and that is due among other things to the advancement in technology, which has allowed society to transform little by little, creating new sources of work and therefore also new sources of income.

One of the entrepreneurs who have stayed up to date with the evolution of the global economy is Aldo Lopez, the CEO of Bnefit Group, a DAO that owns BNEFIT Global Corp, which is a disruptive Fintech.

Everyone knows the existence of the so-called Cryptocurrencies, the most famous of which is Bitcoin, which also serves many people as an investment for different purposes such as savings, a way to protect against inflation, and to acquire products and services.

Recently and thanks to technological advances in the economy, NFTs that were initially created as a way to validate the ownership and origin of works of art, are now taking a major role in the gaming world and other areas such as the so-called Metaverse.

The Metaverse has virtual spaces where creators can do whatever they want, such as art exhibitions, real estate developments, and events like concerts that can only be accessed with Virtual Reality glasses or helmets.

Since the creation of the first metaverse by the company Meta, formerly Facebook, many large companies and entrepreneurs have taken on the task of creating and developing their own Metaverse with the inclusion of NFTs that in turn can be monetized through the creation of their own tokens that can be acquired through video games and then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies for commercial use.

One of the entrepreneurs who have joined the wave of NFTs and the Metaverse is Aldo Lopez the CEO of Bnefit, a disruptive Fintech with six business verticals, which Aldo refers to as planets. 

Most recently, Aldo announced the Wölfe Planet NFT series. About that he said that:

Wölfe is not just any NFT is the beginning of a story of leadership, wolves, Vikings, lands in the Metaverse, and a final video game, this story is composed of 4 collections such as Wölfe, Nordländer, Toten, and Übersee, promises a before and after in the new world of Crypto assets.” 

In its first pre-sale, Wölfe managed to sell all 900 NFTs launched at $400 each. However, it is important to note that to use these tools that have the possibility of improving the economic aspect of people, it is necessary to have the know-how.

That is why Aldo created the Bnefit Academy, which provides resources and knowledge related to the world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, the Metaverse, and also traditional investing and much more.

NFTs are a part of the Wolfe Planet, which is part of the Bnefit Universe. But to achieve success in any venture, you must develop entrepreneurial skills and have the knowledge of what you do or try to build. That’s where Bnefit Academy comes in to play the most important role in building the sustainability of your business through disruptive education.” Aldo explains.

To bring further use to their collection of NFTs, Aldo together with his team has planned the creation and development of their own Metaverse where Wölfe Planet will be one of the planets they will offer for sale for third parties’ development. 

We aspire to build a galaxy based on values of leadership, cooperation, and freedom, where the individual achieves full awareness of his role in this earthly state and thus contributes to the development of our physical planet.”  Aldo comments.

Bnefit Global Corp has recently created New Dream Lab, which will be the company in charge of the development of Wolfe Planet and will serve as a support tool for the metaverse culture.

We aspire to empower new projects or emerging entrepreneurs who do not have the capital or experience to develop this type of business. We will be the incubator of dreams, especially in Latin America.” Aldo states.

Other elements of the Bnefit Universe are the planets Bnefit Travel and Bnefit Mining, which are the fifth and sixth planets, respectively.

Bnefit Travel is the planet in charge of establishing the vertical referred to the lifestyle through a travel club where its associates will be able to travel the world in an economical and intelligent way.

But above all to relate with other entrepreneurs or leaders of Bnefit, in this way through the exchange of cultures, knowledge to better develop their Personal Bnefit Franchise.” Aldo says.

For its part, Bnefit Mining will be the planet to be developed by Bnefit Global Corp, where through its own infrastructure, crypto mining farms that are environmentally friendly will be established, and for this, they plan to establish them in Latin America in countries such as El Salvador, Panama or Argentina.

If you want to know more about Aldo Lopez, Bnefit and their recent launches, click here.

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