Meet Diana Andreea, the Master Coach, Hypnotherapist and Energy Worker Behind the Lea Institute that Helps People Reach Their Full Potential

Meet Diana Andreea, the Master Coach, Hypnotherapist and Energy Worker Behind the Lea Institute that Helps People Reach Their Full Potential

Life is very hectic and overwhelming. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to count on the help of professionals who serve as mentors to guide people in their lives. With their advice, people can begin to change their lifestyle and achieve their goals.

Diana Andreea is a Master Coach and Board-Certified Trainer in NLP, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine Therapy®, and a passionate Energy Worker. She founded the Lea Institute to help people reach their full potential. 

Her experience and the spaces she has created help other people rediscover themselves and find the necessary balance that is missing in their lives to be able to fulfill their goals.

“The Lea Institute provides coaching services that can help you identify, face and overcome any adversity in your way and create a better tomorrow for yourself and your loved ones.” As shown in their website. “At Lea Institute we support transformation through awareness and empowerment techniques that help you achieve your goals. We provide a safe haven which inspires and motivates everyone involved to reach improved performance and excellence on a daily basis.”

To do all this, Diana puts into practice the intuition and the strategic use of language through specific questions that push clients beyond their perceived limits. 

“I clearly hear my strong intuitive guidance, which helps me to see the essence of my clients and help identify their shortcomings. This enables them to go to the core of who they really are and operate from the truth of their being. I implement intuition and strategic use of language and specific questions that push the clients beyond their perceived boundaries. Strategic use of language can provide powerful shifts in someone’s life.” Diana explains.

Diana’s business is based on life coaching, spiritual and mental health, and wellness. She has an extensive background of years of experience to offer her clients a comprehensive plan that allows them to experience and embody a complete transformation based on their own purpose.

The goal of my business is to create lasting change in my clients’ lives in all aspects of their being. So I believe it is more than a business, it is a lifestyle.” She says.

In her many years of preparation and experience, Diana has learned to eliminate and break away from the things that had been holding her back. Having been able to do that and having seen the positive impact it has had on her life, she now wants to share her knowledge so others can benefit.

“It’s like I have been given the secret password to live a fuller life and I want to share it with everyone. I sincerely hope to promote the success of others with encouragement and enthusiasm.” Diana shares.

The methods Diana uses offer a solid, clear structure and tools that help get quick results in the fast-changing world in which people operate. 

“I also believe this industry has the potential to change the way we look at business, mental health, and overall wellness and I want to be part of that.” Diana adds. “I believe that all coaches have an empathic side, however, without this deeper intuitive insight, in general, most professionals in this field can only rely on the methodologies they have learned and the life experiences they have gathered to help their clients. I was born with this gift, which I am grateful for, and believe it has been given to me to help accelerate personal development and growth.”

Lea Institute offers a range of services to help people achieve a new way of life through training and learning techniques that focus on introspection, motivation, self-awareness, and improved confidence through high impact therapy, hypnotherapy, and personal coaching, with the aim of helping people manage stress, anxiety and improve problem-solving skills.

The process also includes conversation pieces that challenge clients. . I care for clients and treat each client as a unique individual with full potential. I allow my clients to control elements of their environment that previously limited them. To each client, I offer a specialized and personalized service that is uniquely tailored to them.

Diana is focused on creating a package in which she delves into some specific aspects of clients’ life with the goal of creating a path of certainty for each aspect  such as relationships with parents and with siblings, job fulfillment, and how to cope with change and loss.

“I believe that each topic can be explored further by making use of NLP Practices, Hypnotherapy, and other methods I have learned. We can really understand each aspect as deeply as possible.” Looking ahead, Diana shares: “I am also in the process of gaining further qualifications in psychology in order to combine these two professions more holistically.

Learn more about Diana and Lea Institute here 

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