The Conference “Al Carajo El Miedo” Is Designed To Help Others Overcome Their Fears And Improve Their Lives: Learn More About Daniel Habif’s Latest Project

The Conference “Al Carajo El Miedo” Is Designed To Help Others Overcome Their Fears And Improve Their Lives: Learn More About Daniel Habif’s Latest Project

Many times people have wanted to emerge, to advance, to improve their social or economic condition, but have been unable to do so due to various circumstances including education, their social circle and the fear of failure.

The world-renowned speaker and author of the international bestseller Unbreakable, Daniel Habif, presents on Sunday, June 13 through a worldwide streaming his conference “Al Carajo El Miedo” where all attendees will learn as he says:

“To dismantle the paralyzing fear and focus on the objectives. We will learn how to identify and dismantle the trap of terror from the biological, psychological and spiritual perspective. We will understand how to model a firm and positive attitude on a daily basis, and how to forge an unbreakable character with incorruptible dedication.”

Fear is a natural feeling in all people. Sometimes beneficial and necessary because it helps us to protect ourselves from dangerous situations. But in the business world as well as in other areas of life, it is an obstacle that must be overcome and left behind to continue on the road to success in the personal and professional areas.

Some people start their way to success in a forceful, impetuous, and self-confident way, with an attitude of wanting to eat the world. But when they face the first obstacle, when things do not go as expected or they do not achieve their goals as they had planned, fear appears and with it the stress, anguish, and despair that can be lethal weapons that take away the joy of living.

Those who see and consume these types of tools such as the “Al Carajo El Miedo” conference consistently get more done for themselves and others. It helps them focus on what matters, they eliminate distractions, and achieve better results in less time because the power of momentum is applied. 

These types of conferences help participants develop habits that propel their business growth to a level above the ordinary. They harness happiness, enthusiasm, inspiration for success in their private and professional lives. They grow in their level of competence, develop better leadership roles, make better and faster decisions, become catalysts and provocateurs for other leaders, and convert the environment around them for better performance.

Finally, participants can learn to merge their private life with their professional life without generating conflict. They are people who gradually commit themselves to the highest level of loyalty and fidelity.

People who want to end once and for all their paralyzing fears or want to be able to make better decisions, map out their purpose, and many more things that will change them into a better person, should not miss the opportunity to attend the virtual worldwide streaming that Daniel will conduct to send “Al Carajo El Miedo.”

In the last two years, Daniel has conducted more than 320 conferences, managing to talk about his experiences in more than 170 cities, achieving a resounding success and impacting the lives of millions of people in world tours.

Daniel has more than 18 million followers on his social networks, where he is loved for his authenticity and motivational publications. Through his YouTube channel, his videos have received over 223 million views. His book Unbreakable ranked #1 on different Amazon lists, including the lists of Spiritual Self-Help, Meditation, and Books in Spanish.

Find out more about the conference “Al Carajo El Miedo” and more here.

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