Yahaira Solano and Bruce Moncada Knew There Was a Need for Better Shape Wear so They Decided to Take it Upon Themselves to Help.

Yahaira Solano and Bruce Moncada Knew There Was a Need for Better Shape Wear so They Decided to Take it Upon Themselves to Help.

Shapewear can be a touchy subject for many women. While there have been a lot of movements to change the idea of a typical or ideal body type and shape, it can still be difficult to find certain shapewear in sizes needed for different body types. Shop Yahaira with their patented technology offers shapewear for all shapes and sizes with different tummy control levels and seamless buttocks shaping technology.

This was Yahaira Solano’s experience throughout her life. Her wider hips made finding shapewear nearly impossible, however, the tipping point of needing to change the shapewear world didn’t come until later in her life when she was touring as a singer.

“I had the need to wear a body shaper that was comfortable, invisible, and breathable that was able to shape my body without flattening my butttocks area. Since I was always dancing and moving around on live TV shows and music videos, it was always a bit challenging for me to breathe and I knew I couldn’t be alone in that. I kept saying in my mind “where there’s a necessity; there’s an opportunity to succeed.” we saw the opportunity, and we took it. My partner, Bruce Moncada, and I started with the Happy Butt No.7  shapers, a seamless body shaper that shapes the body without flattening the buttocks area, and now, we make over 40 different styles including gymwear, underwear, loungewear and outerwear. Our shapewear also has many patents because of its uniqueness and we are developing even more styles!” Yahaira recounts.

Yahaira and her business partner Bruce Moncada created Shop Yahaira Inc. after meeting while Yahaira was on a music tour and creating this idea together. Bruce, a successful businessman from New York, knew that this idea had potential and they patented and created the business around the idea. Though the business was started in the shapewear world, it doesn’t end there. Yahaira and Bruce also created lines for other types of undergarments and gym wear to make sure that people with every body type had the necessary clothes and garments that they needed to be happy.

“ShopYahaira.com is the new era of body shapers!  We make women’s essentials undergarments, underwear, shapewear, outerwear, and gym wear for every day. A one stop online store where any woman of any size, shape, and age would like to have every single one of our garments because they do work and they are comfy and beautiful and once a woman puts on our garments they can’t help but feel empowered  That’s YAHAIRA effect that we have seen from amazing feedback from our beautiful customers because we believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and SHOPYAHAIRA.COM has it all!” The two business partners state.

What separates their business from others in the shapewear industry is that, unlike many other shapewear businesses, this business was born out of personal experience and necessity. Their brand lives by the motto “Happy Butt Happy Life”.

“We trademarked “Happy Butt Happy Life”.  This is the saying of our company. We are working on taking over to become “the number one shapewear company in the world”.  What separates our business from other businesses is our patented technology and our customer service.  We provide one on one consultations and we always respond to each message from our customers in real time.  I own several businesses  but this one is very unique because we saw an opening in the market.  There was a problem that needed to be solved when it came to women’s shapewear.  We then solved it for women,” The two say.

The two together have filled an incredible void in the market and were able to overcome the many problems associated with different body types because the business filled an incredible niche that many women out there needed. In fact, they have huge plans for the new year to continue to fill the void left by the clothing world that leaves out people like Yahaira with different body shapes and sizes.

“SHOP YAHAIRA is a brand that started with our amazing Happy Butt No. 7 body shapers in 2021 we came out with new styles and new inventions and we make over 40 styles now that sell very well all over the world. For the year 2022, we are inventing, improving and developing new styles that for sure will sell along with the other ones to create even more revenue and also we are happy to fulfill every single woman’s shapewear, gym wear, loungewear and underwear needs all over the world and at the same time, help them feel super comfortable and confident! Also, getting our body shapers into the medical field for after surgery such as plastic surgery or any other type that needs firm moderate compression on the abdomen area,” Bruce and Yahaira comment.

To find out more about Yahaira and Bruce, you can follow them on instagram here and check out their website here.

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