A Couple Who Built A Business Around Their Relationship And Their Family: This Is The Story Of Groves Capital And Christoffer And Aleyna Groves

A Couple Who Built A Business Around Their Relationship And Their Family: This Is The Story Of Groves Capital And Christoffer And Aleyna Groves

Christoffer Groves and Aleyna Groves are dedicated to their family business, Groves Capital. The two of them, as husband and wife, have built their business around their family and use it as a foundation for their success. It has allowed them to be more flexible in an ever changing world while providing the best experience for their customers.

“It was one of my goals when looking for a partner to pick someone that wanted to be not just my wife but my best friend and my business partner. I used the term power couple, which has been the term now that people use to describe what me and my lovely wife have become. I have always been big picture, fueled by passion, focused on making calculated moves very quickly after researching and asking mentors for feedback. My wife Aleyna has always been my details and organized to a very high level. She has the ability to focus on flow and operations which makes us the perfect team. I’m a big picture and she is diligent on the details in making the big picture come in clearly,” Christoffer explains.

Because they are entirely family owned and operated, Groves capital has a different kind of feel than other finance companies. Instead of hiding behind big companies and making customers feel alone and isolated, they make them feel like a part of the broader community and family at business. In addition, they offer many lending platforms and services to their patrons.

“We are a family owned and operated company. We have the ability to broker or be the actual lender using 120 different lending platforms. So we’ll always have the option to find the best product and rates that will accomplish the goals of our clients. In addition, our focus is always on communication and our 5 star customer service reputation. We pretty much have a product that fits 99% of all clients needs,” Christoffer remarks.

With the onset of Covid-19, Christoffer and Aleyna were not thrown off their game at all. Their family centric business was great at adapting and changing themselves so that they could handle the situation. They were able to successfully run their business all while maintaining a great family and life balance.

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“Honestly it was a sink or swim situation. Many companies folded at the start of the pandemic. We focused on changing our system to more of a state of the art platform for the virtual model to be an ideal environment,  and we added 45 new lending platforms in the first 3 months as the market changed to keep our loan officers clients needs met. As the market improved we saw volume as the next issue, in that we had to make sure we had to have enough internal processing to support the growth of our loan officers pipelines and could keep performance and turn times on point! That’s how uwprocessing.com was started to fix performance issues while  keeping up with the new loan volume and turn times. The ability to run a large company and take care of our kids during this pandemic has been a difficult time. The ability to adapt to change has always been our family’s strong suit and it is the key to really succeed,” Christoffer says.

With some much left to do Groves Capital, this family is moving into the future with plenty of fun projects ahead. Christoffer describes a few of them below.

“We are focusing on being the best option for loan officers across the country. We want to continue to grow our brand while maintaining a solid support system and performance is crucial as we see the purchase market to be one of the biggest maybe in our lifetime. We are going to expand to bring underwriters in house for certain products which is a big step in our evolution. In addition, our new processing company’s (UWProcessing.com) main focus will be helping other lending companies to have a solid, reliable and efficient 3rd party processing company that loan officers will be confident to close business with,” Christoffer states.

To find out more about Christoffer and Groves Capital, you can follow them on instagram here and check out their website here.

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