Amanda Marino: Empowering Recovery at Next Level Recovery Assoc.

Amanda Marino: Empowering Recovery at Next Level Recovery Assoc.

In the difficult world of mental health and addictions, Amanda Marino’s story has left her mark. Her personal journey of self-improvement and deep commitment to individualized care have led her to found Next Level Recovery Assoc., an organization dedicated to providing support, education, and community to those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Amanda is a living testimony of resilience and empowerment. Her traumatic childhood and personal struggles with mental health and addictions led her to take charge of her life and transform her pain into an engine for change. Which led her to become a renowned certified life and recovery coach who has appeared as an expert on the A&E show “Intervention.”

Intervention is a long-running documentary series about emergencies that focuses on addiction. It has been around since 2005, and over its many seasons, it has followed people struggling with various dependencies, from drugs and alcohol to compulsive behaviors.

The program follows a specific format.

• The pre-intervention period: Bystanders meet the identified loved one and see how their addiction is negatively impacting their lives and those around them. Family and friends are interviewed about their concerns and their efforts to help.

• The intervention: A professional interventionist is hired to guide a surprise meeting with the identified loved one. Loved ones confront the addict about their behavior and give them an ultimatum: agree to go to rehab or face consequences such as loss of financial support or broken relationships.

• Treatment and follow-up: The program documents the identified loved one ‘s experience in rehabilitation, and, in some cases, there are updates on their progress after treatment.

Intervention has been praised for raising awareness about addiction and the importance of seeking help. Which makes it a powerful motivator for those who struggle with addiction or have loved ones who suffer from it.

As an expert on the program, Amanda Marino provides her expertise and guidance to help people struggling with digital addiction and their families navigate the recovery process. And Amanda is ideal for this because, in addition to her professional training, she has her own experience in the world of addictions and her own observation of the existing deficiencies in her attention to these issues.

This prompted her to redefine the concept of counseling service in this field, leading her to create Next Level Recovery Assoc, where each individual is treated with the respect, compassion, and personalized attention they deserve.

What sets her apart as a professional and her organization, Next Level Recovery Assoc., is her focus on excellence and person-centered care. Thanks to the multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals, clinicians, and coaches, it has created an environment where each individual and family receives personalized, high-quality treatment that allows them to heal and grow.

Her message of empowerment and hope is not missing in every interaction with her clients or in every step she takes on her path towards a world where mental health and well-being are priorities.

In addition to being a certified recovery and life coach and certified intervention professional, Amanda has a bachelor’s degree in alternative medicine.

She works extensively with people suffering from low self-esteem, addiction, and mental and emotional barriers.

Having dealt with her own struggles with substance use disorders, abuse, and body dysmorphia in the past, Amanda now dedicates her life to guiding people’s growth. She believes that empowerment is not just about surviving past traumas but about rebuilding your life into one full of happiness, purpose, and fulfillment. Amanda’s passion is seeing you reach your full potential to have the life you’ve always dreamed of.

More than an entrepreneur, she is a visionary leader who has turned her pain into a source of strength and her experience into a tool to transform lives. Find out more about Amanda Marino and her incredible journey of improvement at Next Level Recovery Assoc!

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