Simone  Lord is Transforming Lives Through Coaching Programs Such as Customers on Demand: Learn More About Business Growth Mindset

Simone  Lord is Transforming Lives Through Coaching Programs Such as Customers on Demand: Learn More About Business Growth Mindset

Simone Lord is the General Manager of Business Growth Mindset, a company through which she provides coaching, mentoring and workshop facilitations amongst being an integral part of the internal operations of the organization. Simone initially embarked on a career in corporate services, however the demands of corporate life, coupled with personal challenges, led her to seek a change and start her own business. 

Simone shares, “Juggling a young family with a workplace that was going through huge cultural shifts and a toxic environment was overwhelming.” 

Seeking solace, Simone found refuge in starting her own business in health and fitness, which eventually paved the way for her transition into business coaching. She recalls, “My husband planted the seed to start my fitness business so I could do something I loved and get out of corporate life.”

Simone’s coaching journey took an unexpected turn when she ventured into her fitness business just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. She describes this period as challenging, saying, “I had started as an amazing little business that I had almost maxed my capacity of clients in just 12 weeks.” 

With the pandemic, Simone had to pivot quickly to adapt to the online fitness space. With all the lockdowns through COVID-19 Simone was unable to trade for long periods of time. Needing to find new outlets of financial survival, Simone found fulfillment in becoming a business coach inside a personal development community. 

It became an evolution of self-development and giving back at the same time, and it was amazing! I really loved what I was doing, and I was really good at it too.” She explains.

Soon after, Simone’s path crossed with Kristian Livolsi, a renowned expert in strategic business advisory and growth mindsets, which proved to be a turning point in her career. Kristian offered Simone a unique opportunity to work with him for free inside his corporate social responsibility program, guiding her to transform her fitness business in just 12 weeks. 

Kristian designed a brand new model for my business that saw me 4x my revenue in just 4 months – and I was working less than 3 hours per day.” Simone explains, after being impressed by Kristian’s approach to business success, she accepted an offer to join the team at Business Growth Mindset, for which she is now the General Manager.

One of the coaching programs offered through Business Growth Mindset is Customers on Demand, which is tailored for small business owners or solopreneurs seeking to enhance their sales and marketing skills with foundational understanding, using only organic strategies. 

Participants receive continuous live support from our team of experts and become part of an exceptional community. Simone emphasizes that Customers on Demand stands out due to its personalized approach and community support. 

There is so much strategy and research that we do before we launch a product or service.” Simone explains and highlights the program’s focus on accountability and community, stating, “Our community is what our members truly love, it’s the camaraderie of support when you are stuck, the out of the box thinking for ideas, and the opportunities that are created in this space that are truly outstanding.”

Customers on Demand offers a self-paced course that participants can complete at their preferred speed. In addition to the curriculum, the program includes weekly Q&A sessions and lunchtime webinars to reinforce learning and its application.

Simone’s coaching philosophy revolves around empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals. Accordingly, as it pertains to launching your own business, Simone’s advice is to understand the importance of having a mentor.

Having a business mentor is so important because they are your compass in so many ways.” She notes.

Looking ahead, Simone is passionate about continuing her journey of growth and development, both personally and professionally. She shares, “I have no doubt that my role with Business Growth Mindset will continue to grow and thrive for many years to come.” 

Are you ready to transform your business and achieve your goals? Join Simone Lord and the Business Growth Mindset community today. 

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