BrandON Is Humanizing The Coffee Industry! Read This Article To Find Out How!

BrandON Is Humanizing The Coffee Industry! Read This Article To Find Out How!

Brandon Ivan Peña is an incredibly talented and dedicated entrepreneur, business consultant and motivational speaker. Born and brought up in El Paso, Texas, Brandon is currently living in New York City to stay connected and live out all his entrepreneurial goals. Speaking of which, Brandon has quite a few. 

He is well known in the business world for his ventures such as 787 Coffee, Haciendo Iluminada and his motivational brand “brandON”. Brandon Ivan Peña has recently been mentioned in the Forbes Top 100 Entrepreneurs of 2021 list, as well as been lauded by Yahoo Finance to be one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs to follow in 2021. 

So, what’s so magical about him, that he is being rewarded so? Read on to understand the true power of the empire Brandon Ivan Peña has built.

More on 787 Coffee: A Farm to Cup experience:

Brandon Ivan Peña is most successful and widely known for his involvement in the coffee industry. We say the industry as a whole because he has made himself a member of both the production and delivery processes of good quality coffee. Brandon has bought farms in Puerto Rico (Haciendo Iluminada) which cultivates the most full-bodied, delicious and warm coffee that can only be had when you are truly an expert at identifying what’s good and what’s not.

Brandon himself is a coffee lover and a connoisseur of sorts and wants to share the experience with others. He says that people deserve to finally learn what properly grown and roasted, freshly brewed coffee tastes like, instead of those easily purchased instant pouches. He wanted the experience to be as authentic and inspiring as possible, and for that, Brandon needed to ensure that 787 Coffee would never be grouped along with other such cafes. After proper packaging from the farms, the coffee is shipped to the shops of 787 coffee. Currently, there are 10 shops of 787 Coffee up and running in New York City, Puerto Rico and Florida shortly.

So, why business?

Brandon had, ever since he was a young boy, a burning passion to be able to influence the world and shape it for the better. Being able to be his own boss and still earn a good living seemed like the best way to live his life and to also help others live their lives fruitfully and profitably. He also loves being innovative and is a hands-on guy. 

Working in a 9-5 corporate job would have never let him be able to express his creativity or get the customer feedback for his hard work that he so craves. Brandon has also taken up business to show the rest of the world the power of Latinx. 

There are very few Latino people of origin who are running big corporations or are getting credit for their hard work. By making a name for himself, Brandon Ivan Peña is representing the Latinx community as well.

To find out more about BrandON follow him on instagram here.

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