Cameron Newell Has Been in the Trading World Since School and is Now Using All that He Learned to Teach Others

Cameron Newell Has Been in the Trading World Since School and is Now Using All that He Learned to Teach Others

Sometimes opportunities present themselves in the strangest ways. For Cameron Newell, his story begins with a friend showing him stocks and introducing him to the market in college. From that moment, Cam didn’t know it yet, but it was the seed in his mind that would set him off into the world of trading and create a brand new career path for him!

“In college, my good friend told me about the opportunities in the stock market and encouraged me to try trading. I began my journey into trading as many do sitting in my community college classroom, staring at his phone, trading from an app that didn’t have any charts. As you can imagine that strategy didn’t last long for me and I quickly realized I had to expand my knowledge if I wanted to become successful,” Cam states.

With this idea set and a business plan, Cam began his first endeavour into the trading world. Unfortunately, it didn’t start off in the way that he had hoped. He struggled to get set and rooted and make the profit that he had hoped for, but he was not deterred. This moment taught him to go back to the drawing board and rethink what he needed to do.

“I had a rough start in the beginning, and after blowing up my first two accounts I took a step back and started paper trading. I put everything I had into learning about the art of trading and thus began my transformation into becoming a consistently profitable trader. After a few years of college and working minimum wage jobs, I decided school just wasn’t for me and I left to pursue my goals of never having to work for anyone again.

A year and half after I started trading, I committed to a $1,000 to $1,0000,0000 account challenge. Within 10 months, I was able to complete the challenge,” Cam recounts.

Since becoming successful in trading, Cam has opened up his own company teaching beginners the ins and outs of trading. His goal is to teach people the tricks of the trade while avoiding the bumps that he hit in his own career in order to make their transition into the market smoother.

Noremac Newell Trading is an educational service for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders.  We offer a variety of resources, including a free chatroom, where you can learn how the stock market works, how to trade and what stocks to look for. This is a community of like-minded traders that are all sharing their stock watches and opinions. This chat room has over 59,000 members. In addition, I stream every day after market close on YouTube and Instagram Live. I reflect on my trading day and talk about what I learned and analyzed from that day. I also created a Video Series Guide that lays out my strategies with over 20 hours of content. We also sell scanners on our website that scan the markets to find stocks that meet our selected criteria and metrics. We sell the same scanner that I use on a daily basis. The scanner is my eyes and ears for trading,” Cam explains.

What makes Cam a different kind of trader and mentor is first, that he has been through the trials himself. He is not just preaching guidance without having actually lived the scenarios; he is teaching based on his own experience. Second, Cam is also providing transparency at all levels of his business. In good times and bad, Cam wants to make sure that he is upfront about his business.

I am one of the only traders that I know that consistently shows my PNL everyday. Green or red, I show my PNL.   I want my members to understand that trading is not easy. Some days, I have red days. I am not perfect and I never will be. I think it is tough when new traders see these traders having all these big green days but no red days. I think it gives them a false reality. I want to be honest and transparent with my followers. Also, that is why I stream everyday and talk about my trading day and PNL,” Cam details.

To find out more about how you can get involved in Noremac Newell Trading or find out what Cam is up to, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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