From nightlife, to family man, to Real Estate Mogul, meet Jado Hark

From nightlife, to family man, to Real Estate Mogul, meet Jado Hark

The increase of services that help homebuyers allows an opportunity to form bonds and create communities through simply buying and selling slices of land. Now in 2021 with recent price increases for home buying, it’s important more than ever to have a credible and respectable real estate agent who can help with buying and selling or selling a home. Meet Jado Hark, husband, father, and real estate mogul. 

Jado Hark started his career in the nightlife industry when he was only 23. At that time, he opened his first nightclub along with owning several other venues. When starting his new family and in order to balance his new  lifestyle. This was a challenge, as he went from one industry to a completely different industry. Nevertheless, he ventured into real estate by utilizing his network to excel in career and now has his own real estate agency that specializes in the luxury real estate by representing athletes and other high end clientele.

“Mindset is everything when starting a business, especially an industry that you have never worked in before, to be able to mentally train yourself to stay focused and learn every single day is a challenge”. Jado also puts his faith in God, and knows that the prime reason why he was able to prosper is because of his unconditional faith in him.

Jado believes in putting  his client’s best interest first and not the value of the transaction. He assures the element of success in every business is customer service and honesty. Furthermore, consistent communication, genuine care, ethical behavior and positive experience throughout every step of the process is also a must in his agency.

Now Jado is focusing on growing his business, while  helping his clients and averaging triple the amount of transactions that newer agents do. With this growth, he is also looking to expand his team and be able to recruit and train other individuals to invest in themselves and their own businesses. He is also in the process of purchasing an edible arrangements location in Minnesota. However, more importantly, he looks to spend time with his family and create new memories with them.

Check out his website and follow him on instagram @iknowjado

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