From Young Success To Founder Of Wealth DynamX: Jerry Fetta’s Journey To Financial Freedom

From Young Success To Founder Of Wealth DynamX: Jerry Fetta’s Journey To Financial Freedom

Jerry Fetta has been successful in the finance sector from a young age. At the age of 18, he had built a successful company as a financial advisor, selling stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. After 6 years, however, he began to come to the realization that his products weren’t really helping his clients. 

“I’d have clients come to my office for “retirement planning”. I’d set them up with their portfolio of investments so they can retire at age 60, but I could see they still didn’t understand what money is or how it works. I realized as a financial advisor I couldn’t really help people with their finances in a meaningful way, so I gave that business away. I didn’t sell it – I gave it away flat out,” Jerry recalls. 

Free of his old business, Jerry began building his current company, Wealth DynamX. Now, he finally had the chance to build something from the ground up that was focused on how people can generate safe and truly passive income in their investments. Although he saw a great deal of success with his new venture, it revealed new problems in his clients; financial literacy. 

“Most people didn’t have money to invest and the places they were putting their money weren’t safe or reliable, such as banks, retirement plans, and other financial gimmicks. I began researching to find out where the wealthy save money to later invest it and I found my answer in something I like to call: The Sacred Account.” Jerry explains. \

The Sacred Account is a high cash value life insurance policy structured a certain way. Nationally, banks have over $180 billion in these types of life insurance policies. From here, Jerry began to realize people couldn’t save because they were never educated on money properly, so he grew his business to include a platform called Wealth DynamX University. 

“With Wealth DynamX University, we take the financial education of the Top 1% and deliver it to the everyday person. My story is unique in the sense that I made it to what most people would consider “the top” with my old business and gave it all away. The company I’ve built now, Wealth DynamX, is the only company in the world that can take anyone earning an income and give them a path to real wealth,” Jerry explains. 

Jerry was motivated because he saw behind the curtain of the current financial industry, and he knew that it was illogical, especially for the average, everyday person. Jerry saw how effective his insider expertise and knowledge was for himself and for those using it. He wanted to share that value with others, giving access to that information to the everyday person who didn’t know about it so they could benefit from it too

“Statistically speaking, America is in the worst shape it has ever been when it comes to personal finances. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see a clear solution. So instead of waiting for one to come along, I took responsibility to go solve that problem myself,” Jerry says.

With the best intentions and solutions, Jerry still hits roadblocks when it comes to his business. Above all else, he and his business are constantly challenged by misinformation from other sources and companies that do not have their clients’ best interests in mind. 

“There are so many “gurus”, outsourced marketing teams, or business advisors that a person feels like they need to hire. But the reality is: they really don’t. In my experience, every time I would hire one of these gurus, I overpaid and it set me back in my business. Nobody knows a business better than the owner themself, so it doesn’t make sense to go get an opinion from a 3rd party who doesn’t know the business in and out,” Jerry explains. 

Jerry has recently added a few new divisions to his company, and in the near future, will be working on a gold and silver bullion ecommerce platform. Here, his clients will be able to buy gold and silver bullion online, ship it to a segregated and insured vault, and then be able to take collateral loans against it to invest in real estate and other assets. In addition, he will always be focusing on continuing to grow as an executive and looking to hire a few key executives to come work for Wealth DynamX. 

With all his incoming successes, Jerry will help many of his clients achieve financial freedom, which he sees as treating money like oxygen. 

“I don’t count how much oxygen is left before I breathe. I don’t live “breath to breath”. The purpose behind financial freedom is for a person to live with abundance and prosperity in all areas of their life. Financially, that would not be cheap and it would need to be funded somehow. Wealth is the way this is accomplished,” Jerry says. 

Make sure to learn more about Wealth DynamX on their website, check out Jerry’s free book here, and continue to follow Jerry on his Instagram page.

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