How Alessia Pizarro Followed Her Passions And Succeed!

How Alessia Pizarro Followed Her Passions And Succeed!

Alessia Pizarro is a Mexican woman full of energy who has been attracted to sports since she was a child. She claims that she has always been a dreamer even from a young age. People flocked to her to understand her dreams. This passion helped her find her place in the world with sports.

I have always liked sports since I was 3 years old. I took swimming lessons, and during my life, I played tennis, golf, soccer, and cheers.” Alessia explains.

While Alessia was in college, she did not practice many sports, however, her energy was released at parties, which led her to a state of health that was not the most desired since she didn’t eat in the best way. She knew that something needed to change so that she could live a better kind of life.

I poured all that energy by going out to parties, I stayed up late dancing all night and early morning and obviously along with the party, came sleepless nights and a lot of alcohol involved. I changed a lot, my face was very swollen and emaciated, my whole body was swollen, my diet was lousy, I ate once a day and I ate pure crap. I really don’t know how I never fainted or worse, how I didn’t end up with a more severe problem from drinking alcohol and not eating, I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I put up with days of partying without getting much sleep or eating enough.” Alessia says.

But soon that situation would change for the better since at the age of 21, Alessia got involved in CrossFit, which in her words, changed her whole outlook on life as well as her health. It helped her establish her routines and mental health.Thanks to the guidance of nutrition specialists, Alessia improved her physical condition in addition to the exercises and routines that she invented and put into practice. 

I began trying routines that came to mind and diets that I invented according to what I read or researched; I began to see results, I monitored myself to make sure that everything was fine with my body, I began to create routines at the gym and at home (never selling food plans created by me, always hiring certified nutritionists).” Alessia states.

After a while, people started to engage in conversations with her because they were looking for her for fitness advice. She began a trend that people wanted to latch on to because of how she was able to change her lifestyle. 

I discovered that people were reaching out to me to ask me for advice or simply to talk about fitness. I loved the feeling I felt from the beginning, I gave away many routines with the purpose of testing how they worked on others and for my luck they were a total success.” Alessia remarks. “I immediately created the #BootyChallenge both at home and in the gym, I joined with several nutritionists so that they could be the creators of the food plans for my challenges and be able to offer something of quality to my clients that I love so much, it is a great community of support between women who are looking for the same goal, who share the same ideas, it is an infinite cycle of constant motivation.” 

Alessia runs a fitness business. Her business focuses on creating plans for people to help them achieve their fitness goals as well as she creates fitness wear for women.

Fitness 100% I sell personalized and semi-customized training plans, both in the gym and at home, and sportswear for women.” Alessia adds.

Alessia shares with us her philosophy of life with us. She believes that if you truly set your mind to your dream, that you can achieve anything. She has, for her life, never let anyone get in her way, and she recommends the same for anyone also trying to start a business. She hopes to keep expanding what she is doing.

Everything you believe is possible. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, but more importantly, never say to yourselves: I can’t. Because you can!” Alessia shares.

Find out more about Alessia here.

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