Meet Bestselling Author, Speaker, And Mentor Heinz Kaegi And Learn How He Is Reinventing Leadership For The New Age

Meet Bestselling Author, Speaker, And Mentor Heinz Kaegi And Learn How He Is Reinventing Leadership For The New Age

Heinz Kaegi, the Swiss top executive mentor, speaker & bestselling author,  knows any good leader is developed from within. From Switzerland, after building his executive career from scratch to the top including over a decade of C-level experience, he set out to change the way managers lead themselves and their teams with a unique approach through self-designed workshops. Finding success in Switzerland, he knew the time was right to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship in the States, despite many of his Swiss peers discouraging him from making such a leap. 

“I jumped off the cliff trusting that my wings would be delivered in time….and they did. Less than 2 years later, I was leading my own leadership workshops in Florida,” Heinz recalls. 

Now, Heinz is proud to have a portfolio of strong companies from founding Kaegi-Leadershift  Ltd and designing the worldwide exclusive LEX Leadershift Excellence™for Life Program. With all his success, Heinz remains grounded, admitting that there are always challenges ahead, no matter how far down the line of accomplishment you are. As someone who started out as a partner at a national personal development firm, working to design and conduct curriculum of sales & management, for executives  of all industries, he quickly learned to transform perceived obstacles into opportunities – or, as he aptly puts it, seeing stumbling stones as building blocks. In the means to recognize his path of personal purpose, Heinz has a series of questions he uses to realign his goals. 

“I ask myself: What is the vision of my future? How do I intend to contribute to it? What legacy do I want to leave behind? You need to know your inner commitment to follow-through, even in your toughest moments. From there, you can define your business plan with the milestones and action plan in place, maintaining the relevant areas of life that I need to keep in balance to remain successful and fulfilled,” Heinz outlines. 

The clarity to answer these big questions comes from a strong mindset, which Heinz keeps at the forefront of important decisions. He believes we can only change three aspects of our lives: our thinking, our movements, and our nutrition, and the latter two depend largely on the first. Altogether, Heinz clearly believes that your mindset has the largest impact on your life, a belief that is proven in practice and reinforced by the teachings of his personal coaches and mentors along his path. Looking back on his life so far, Heinz can naturally see that all the highs and lows he faced were, are, and will be the result of his personal mindset. 

“What you can conceive and truly believe, you can achieve. Of course, you’re never just by yourself meaning there are always other people involved both in success and failure. It is nevertheless your personal mindset that creates the resonance and attracts alike thought patterns, people and things,” Heinz says. 

In the coming year, Heinz is excited to have many projects in the works that focus on bringing his clients their full potential as leaders. Namely, the worldwide unique “LEX Leadershift Excellence™ for Life” is a concept conceived many years ago by Heinz that has traveled around the world, making changed leaders all over the globe. In May 2021, Heinz is looking forward to bringing it back to the US, specifically Salt Lake City. 

“This event is not a big stage seminar with thousand spectators, this is an intimate immersion process with a limited group of hand selected personalities on the path of becoming who they are. Executives who are committed from the heart to grow beyond, producing sustainable success & fulfillment, to express their full potential as leaders. The higher cause is about leaving a legacy that creates a future for the next generations.

In 2020 the World of work has changed forever. The lifetime of managers is over. It is now time to grow beyond, creating an economy of heart” Heinz says. 

Altogether, Heinz continues to work towards his higher causes: Let us discover visions that move us to take the lead, let us pursue our paths of purpose that fulfill us, and let us leave a legacy that creates a future for our children. 

Heinz and more information about his books, speaking engagements, and more can be found on his website. Heinz is also available on Instagram

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