Real Estate Professional and Entrepreneur Claudienne Hibbert-Smith Proves To Us That Mindset and Discipline Trumps Circumstances

Real Estate Professional and Entrepreneur Claudienne Hibbert-Smith Proves To Us That Mindset and Discipline Trumps Circumstances

Claudienne Hibbert-Smith, creator and owner of Hibbert Group Real Estate, is more than just your average real estate agent. She is not only a 20 year real estate professional, but is also highly regarded in the political field, has led multiple leadership positions, and has her own health and wealth business. As a real estate professional, Claudienne is known for servicing buyers and sellers in both the residential and commercial sectors. In addition, she continuously lobbies for homeownership and real estate opportunities in the black community, and sits on the City of Opa Locka Planning and Zoning Board. Claudienne has also chaired the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) as the local South Florida President. She not only helps her community through real estate opportunities, but she has also built on her own experiences with health & wellness. This has encouraged Claudienne to, as the National Director in Total Life Changes, help others get their health on the right track and create an additional stream of income. 

While Claudienne has achieved a very successful career and life, many wouldn’t have expected this outcome. In fact, Claudienne always excelled in her academics, but continuously had issues in school due to disruptive behavior to the point where she was suspended from school multiple times. Furthermore, she became pregnant during 9th grade and gave birth to her son at the young age of 14. The stigma of this situation could have dragged her down, however, Claudienne knew she had to make a drastic change in her life if she wanted to make something of herself. It was then when she turned her life around. Claudienne graduated at the top of her class, and went on to obtain her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, a premiere university ranked 14th overall among all U.S. public universities according to the US News & World Report. She transitioned into real estate after her first job out of college, quickly moved up the charts, and created the Hibbert Group Real Estate Consultants. This is proof that no matter your circumstances, you can always get ahead and achieve your goals. 

“When you set a goal, no matter the goal, and you Accomplished the Goal, you have gained Success. Success is not measured by your peers or standards, but by your own personal growth,” states Claudienne. 

Since then, Claudienne has received multiple educational and Real Estate industry credentials that include, but are not limited to, Chairman’s & Presidential Elite Circle, 100 Outstanding Women of Broward County, 25 Most Influential & Prominent Black Women in Business and Leadership, Top 5 Real Estate Network. In 2019, Claudienne received the Agents’ Choice Award from Miami Agent Magazine for her Charitable Service and she was also honored by the City of Miami Gardens in the Women’s Exposition as “Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things.” She has also served as a realtor for the city of Miami Gardens, Miramar, and Pembroke Pines and fulfilled the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). Claudienne also serves on the City of Miami Gardens Affordable Housing Advisory Committee and continues to give back to and be a pillar of her community. She tirelessly gives her time to organize events with her 501 C 3 non-profit organization, Claudy Cares Foundation. As a result of her community involvement, she was honored with the first ever Humanitarian Unsung Hero Award from the Keyes Company.

“Mindset is the Beginning of all Success or your Demise. What you think will manifest. So I try to focus on good things and to always understand the good that I could take from a lesson. I think Positive, Set Goals and WORK! I am not just a realtor, I am an educator… there is a big difference,” Claudienne says. 

Claudienne was not only able to enter a white-male dominated field of real estate 20 years ago, but has been able to dominate it, while also never losing sight of her values. She is not just a realtor, but an educator in the field of real estate who works to improve the lives of those in her community. She not only changed her own life drastically so that she could build a better future for herself and her son, but is sharing the lessons she has learned in order to help build others up. She wants to help others collapse decades into years!

“I truly believe in alignment. I believe that when you exercise a certain level of discipline, I believe breakthroughs will begin to occur,” says Claudienne. 

Throughout this year, Claudienne is looking forward to creating 1,000 homeowners and investors, as well as helping other professionals increase their real estate sales through a personalized coaching program across the United States. Claudienne will also be starting her own TV series, “Everything Real Estate.” 

Through her inspiring story, Claudienne encourages you to focus and go for your dream – 

“Have a Vision. State the vision so that it is clear. Create the Plan. Remember the Vision. Start the work.” – Claudienne Hibbert-Smith.

Follow along with Claudienne’s upcoming projects and learn more about her work by following her on Instagram here and checking out her business page.

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