Sebastian Matute Saw How Hard His Parents Worked Just to Scrape By. He Wanted to do Something Different with His Life So He Took to the Real Estate and Car Sales World

Sebastian Matute Saw How Hard His Parents Worked Just to Scrape By. He Wanted to do Something Different with His Life So He Took to the Real Estate and Car Sales World

Sebastian Matute has known almost nothing but growth and success since beginning his real estate and car sales businesses. Constantly growing and working hard, Sebastian has been able to make his business dreams come true without much background or family experience in the business.

“I am a 22 Year Old Realtor and Car Broker On Long Island. I have 3 years in the real estate business and 1.5 years in Car Sales and I have been able to double my business in a year. As we all know, sales is a very tough business and real estate and car sales are even harder particularly without ever being involved in real estate or having any family history in the business. I have been able to grow my business year after year and have had the opportunity to join not only one of the fastest growing teams on Long Island, but also one of the fastest growing Real Estate Brokerages as well as begin to build a reputation in car sales,” Sebastian explains.

When he was younger, Sebastian remembered just how hard his parents worked to provide for their family. He realized that to make a difference for himself and not end up working the same kind of style, he would have to create his own business.

“Since a young age, I remember seeing both my parents getting up early to work from sunup to sundown to be able to provide for our family and make ends meet. Although we were not in a bad financial position, I saw both parents give up alot of their time that could have been family time working for someone else. Once I started to understand that this was the price you had to pay to be able to provide for your family, I knew I had to get into a business of my own where I could be my own boss, but have the freedom to take of a day, week or month if needed and i didn’t have to worry about being fired,” Sebastian remarks.

Both businesses have allowed Sebastian to gain an incredible amount of freedom and financial independence. He has achieved this success by working hard and being able to constantly grow and expand while achieving the goal that originally got him involved into the business: having money and being able to enjoy it.

“My biggest inspiration to get into the real estate industry has been the freedom behind it and also the potential to gain financial freedom. It has shown me that it is possible to achieve anything you want and that there is a direct correlation between hard work and success. Financial freedom to me is the ability to live your day to day life without having to worry about your income, bills, or  expenses. This freedom gives you the ability to spend time with your loved ones, and enjoy the time you have with them. This is the most priceless thing there is to me. I love being able to provide for a family and still enjoy them and build memories is truly everything. That is what helps me to keep going and build my business,” Sebastian states.

In the new year, Sebastian has no plans to change what is already working well for him. He is going to be trying some new projects and continuing to grow his business.

“This year I have set new goals. I am looking to double my real estate sales on both buyer and listing sides, increase my car sales as well and begin to invest in real estate whether it be fixed and flip or buy and hold it is the best way to grow wealth. I am also excited to begin a new venture in the financial area that I have been looking to start for a couple years now,” Sebastian says.

To find out more about Sebastian, check out his instagram here.

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