Voters in California, Michigan and Vermont endorse abortion rights in referendum

<strong>Voters in California, Michigan and Vermont endorse abortion rights in referendum</strong>

The decisive mid-term elections in the United States also put on the table referendums on different electoral measures on the protection or criminalization of the right to abortion in five states. Key votes after last June the US Supreme Court abolished the national right to terminate pregnancy in force for half a century.

In California, Michigan and Vermont, a majority has voted in favor of protecting the right to terminate pregnancy, while the conservative state of Kentucky awaits the closure of the results, although it is on its way to rejecting a measure that it wanted to emphasize. that its constitution does not contemplate abortion. Finally, in the also conservative state of Montana, a vote is being taken to extend protection in what is known as the live births law, to improve care for babies who survive complex deliveries or failed abortions. In August, Kansas became the first state to vote on abortion and voted massively in its favor.

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