Bnefit, the Disruptive Fintech Company With Six Business Verticals, Just Gifted its Associates and Independent Agents a Dream Trip: Learn More

Bnefit, the Disruptive Fintech Company With Six Business Verticals, Just Gifted its Associates and Independent Agents a Dream Trip: Learn More

Aldo Lopez is the CEO of Bnefit Group, a DAO that owns BNEFIT Global Corp. A few months ago Aldo announced the creation and sale of his NFT collection with which he will help more people benefit from this new way of generating money.

Bnefit Group has been able to consolidate as a company with a presence in three continents and 21 countries, and a community of more than 6 thousand associates who have been transforming their lives and achieving their business dreams.

BNEFIT is a disruptive Fintech company with six business verticals that Aldo Lopez calls planets (Academy, Invest, Coin, NFT, Mining and Travel). It will soon launch the travel vertical, which will be like a travel club, where people will not only be able to travel to unique places but also meet with other entrepreneurs who share the same dreams and desire to succeed.

With the aim of rewarding the company’s top performers in the first quarter of 2022, Bnefit Group organized and carried out a trip with associates and independent agents to one of the cities of greatest tourist interest, Dubai.

It was a dream trip. The company did not skimp on anything. They lived 10 days as millionaires live,” says Aldo.

The attendees stayed at the 5-star Intercontinental Marina Hotel in Dubai and were able to enjoy various activities such as a balloon ride over the desert, a safari in the dunes, a night in a typical camp with an Arabian show, Arabian food, a camel ride, a visit to the Bur Kalif–the tallest building in the world, a guided tour throughout the city of Dubai, a visit to the Ferrari World, a visit to Abu Dhabi–the largest Emirate and its Mosque the third largest in the world, a boat trip throughout the Dubai bay, and an after-party at the iconic Zero Gravity.

Definitely, this is evidence that Aldo continues to fulfill his mission which is to be able to help many people to fulfill their dreams, as the slogan of his company is “People Helping People.”

Dreams are fulfilled when people take action and fight to make them come true. A year ago we were that dream that many thought would not come true. Today we can proudly say, we are the first MLM company in 86 years that has paid more than one million dollars in commissions to its associates, independent business entrepreneurs.” Aldo recounts, reflecting on lessons learned from the trip.

This type of experience may seem reserved for a few but the reality is different. People who want to live a similar or even superior experience and want to be part of Bnefit, can make that a reality.

“People with a burning desire to change their financial life and want to learn about new business skills in crypto assets can follow us on our networks or on our website,” states Aldo.

Looking ahead and to celebrate Bnefit’s first anniversary, the next trip that the Bnefit family plans to make is to the city of Medellin in Colombia. There, they will showcase the new verticals of the company and will have the presence of one of the top people in the investment industry today, Juan Diego Gomez.

If you want to know more about Aldo and Bnefit, click here.

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