Candy and Cha Cha Cha: Read how Entrepreneur David Torres Found Success in Everything From Entertainment to the Sweets Market

Candy and Cha Cha Cha: Read how Entrepreneur David Torres Found Success in Everything From Entertainment to the Sweets Market

Singer and entrepreneur David Torres ( ) knows better than anyone that only the adaptable survive. For David, this new way of thinking led him not only to a career as a singer-songwriter ( ), but also pushed the young entrepreneur to build his own marketing agency and even candy business! Needless to say, David Torres knows how to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

“I just knew that I couldn’t be that person who followed the ‘normal’ 9-to-5 route typically prescribed by society. From an early age, I knew that I wanted to build my own empire and be my own boss; working on my time from anywhere in the world. Even at age 16, I was already using social media to promote brands and even movies with my own followers and other people my age.”

Indeed, as a teenager David was already fielding invitations to walk the carpet at premiers for movies like Insidious: Chapter 2, and worked with Jersey Shore star Pauly D to promote his clothing line Dirty Couture. By late 2017, however, David decided to launch his own musical career by releasing songs to his followers on social media and all digital platforms such as apple music and spotify. After meeting early success with fans, David made his on-stage premier alongside Mexican singers Chiquis ( ) and Lorenzo Mendez ( from La Original Banda El Limón de Salvador Lizárraga ( ) in San Jose, California. His more recent songs include “Cha Cha Cha,” which featured one of Mexico’s most influential YouTubers, Diana Estrada. (

“When it comes to my music career, what motivated me and continues to do so is the love and support from my fan base,” shares David. “Though I may not be the biggest or the most-followed artist out there, whatever love and support I do get, is grand enough for me. It doesn’t matter if a million people or a thousand people are hearing your music; someone is listening, someone is connecting with you and your music. As long as you’re doing what you love and people are responding, it’s the greatest feeling and motivation in the world.”

David carries that same mentality into the rest of his diverse business ventures, including his agency, KDT International, which helps high profile influencers and artists such as Kenia Os ( ), Mont Pantoja ( ), and Ingratax ( to get paid campaigns on social media. David also stars in NBC Universo’s reality show “The Riveras” ( as Chiquis’ social media manager, one of his more prominent clients. Outside of the entertainment and influence industry, David also co-founded Lat’nSweets, a niche candy business offering worldwide shipping for connoisseurs of Mexico’s favorite candies and snacks, including their own version of the famous spicy candy.

When asked to provide advice to young entrepreneurs pursuing a similar dream, David offers the following:

“My only advice can be to try it out. You don’t know what you are capable of creating or accomplishing until you try it. Never be afraid to ask for help and never doubt yourself. If you need to get better at what you want to do, start by doing it. Practice makes perfection. Success isn’t about numbers; that will come as you keep going. Success is about transforming into reality what for you at one point was only just a dream.”

Moving forward, David expects to build on his earlier success releasing music in the Mexican regional genre and is currently working on several collaborations with other talented artists such as Andrea Zuniga ( . David recently performed his first full-house solo concert in Aguascalientes, MX after the release of his single “No te hagas,” ( ) before traveling to Alquizar, Cuba to perform at La Casona. Larry Hernandez – a Mexican regional singer – even shared on his Instagram story that he would love to record “No te hagas” himself! David has also had a first hand invitation to sing with one of Mexico’s most prominent artists, Christian Nodal ( ) in Monterrey, MX. No matter where David is performing next, however, he never fails to bring an unwaveringly positive attitude and an appreciation for adaptation that is so crucial in his industry.

You can keep up with David’s musical career on Instagram (@kingdavidtorres) and sample some of his music online

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