From Disc Jockey to Reggaeton Royalty, Artist & Producer Geezy Rose Shares his Story

From Disc Jockey to Reggaeton Royalty, Artist & Producer Geezy Rose Shares his Story

One look at Geezy Rose’s Instagram and you know you’re looking at a man who’s made it. Peppered with yachts, jet skis, and clips from music shoots, Geezy Rose’s social media is a veritable grab bag of images from the life of a successful young entrepreneur. Now a well-known DJ and producer, Geezy Rose is looking to expand his business even farther by mentoring the next generation of up and coming DJs and musicians. Yet Geezy didn’t always have it easy; born Gianfranco La Rosa, Geezy Rose came over from Venezuela with his family at a young age, hoping for a better life in the United States. 

“I was born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela, but moved with my family to Miami when I was just eleven years old. I barely knew English and came here with my mother and little brother, while the rest of my family stayed behind in Valencia. It was difficult adjusting to American life at first, but I found my spot in the local rave scene as a teenager, and soon I was DJing my own sets around the city. I worked hard to perfect my craft and eventually played multiple festivals, such as EDC Orlando, Life in Color Miami, Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival, Hard Summer Fest LA, Imagine Music Festival Atlanta and did appearances at other festivals such as EDC Las Vegas.”

Deep down inside, however, Gianfranco knew his real passion lay with Reggaeton, the sounds of his own Latin and Caribbean upbringing. After a year of thinking and planning his big move, Gianfranco dropped the EDM scene to jump into Reggaeton, writing and producing full-time. He was reborn Geezy Rose, and embraced the Reggaeton scene for all it was worth, working with famous artists and other producers across the genre to perfect his own sound and style. Now Geezy Rose writes, produces, and mixes all his own music, playing shows to packed houses and working with other DJs and musicians to help them find their voice in the often overcrowded Latin genre.

“Nothing makes me happier than facing the naysayers, the doubters, and the negative voices headfirst by tapping into my creativity as an artist and creating music I never thought was possible. Every dream I’ve ever had, I’ve always accomplished, and this one will be no different. I remember listening to Reggaeton back in elementary and middle school and watching the music videos for the tracks. It was always a dream of mine to be able to express my feelings or moods through music; that is my biggest inspiration and also my biggest priority.”

Now Geezy Rose looks to share his hard-won knowledge with others in the industry and works directly with up and coming producers and DJs through online courses and one-on-one sessions. His students work directly with Geezy Rose to learn from his years of experience both as musician and producer/mixer, mastering techniques and music theory along the way. Alongside Geezy, musicians who are fresh to the scene can quickly acquire and adapt skills that would otherwise take years to accumulate on their own. Furthermore, Geezy is able to imbue all of his lessons with the same rise-and-grind mentality that he infuses into every particle of his day-to-day life, lifting everything around him to its highest plane of existence.

“My advice for those starting their own business is to have a game plan, have a team that knows what they’re doing, have a great marketing strategy for the business, and know where you’re trying to take the business. From my own experience, if you’re getting into a business just for the money and not because you’re actually loving and passionate about it, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons and you will get bored and tired eventually very quickly. You should only get into a new business or project if you really love it, enjoy it, and are deeply passionate about it. My dad always told me, ‘Do what you love for a living, and you’ll never work a day again in your life.’ That’s been a goal I share with everyone around me ever since hearing those words.”

Moving forward, Geezy Rose shares his plans for riding his current momentum hard into 2022, signing new deals and reaching fresh airwaves as we break into the new year. With a new song, “Piropo,” dropping alongside a hot music video, Geezy Rose is poised to take the Reggaeton music scene by storm. He is also looking to give back to the amazing community that supported his come-up through the Geezy Rose Foundation, while expanding his music’s reach into Puerto Rico and latin & caribbean communities around the country. With an unrivaled music repertoire and connections around the industry, it will be no surprise when Geezy Rose hits the top of the charts!

You can follow Geezy Rose on Instagram (@geezyroseoficial) and book him through his personal agent

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