Meet Julianne Vaccaro: The Somatic Sexologist, Erotic Blueprint Master Coach, and Women’s Spiritual Mentor That Can Help You Feel & Heal

Meet Julianne Vaccaro: The Somatic Sexologist, Erotic Blueprint Master Coach, and Women’s Spiritual Mentor That Can Help You Feel & Heal

Julianne Vaccaro is a somatic sexologist, spiritual mentor, and holistic women’s health and life coach. She is in charge of supporting and helping women who have a purpose to heal themselves, awaken their femininity, and work on their bodies to have a full life full of freedom and pleasure.

Throughout her life, Julianne has been able to unravel her personal situations that prevented her from growing and achieving her goals. Now she wants to help others by sharing her own methodology, which combines Spiritual Psychology, Somatic Sexology, Feminine Energetics and Sacred Sexuality. 

“I guide women to reclaim their power on all levels and layers of who they really are through my founded methodology, Goddess Approach.™” Julianne explains. “This framework combines holistic health, spiritual psychology and embodiment practices to support you in becoming your most freely expressed self.”

Julianne joined this industry and launched her business after working on her own trauma she experienced five years ago. She was in an abusive relationship that affected the way she related to her body for some time. 

I wanted freedom, impact, the ability to be my own boss, and help others heal. I started to grow and get rid of the things that didn’t serve me, and one of those things was the abusive relationship I was in. This experience cracked me wide open & was a huge initiation. I went deep into my trauma from childhood, realized I had an abusive upbringing but hadn’t known or given myself the permission to explore it.” She shares. 

Following this experience, Julianne was able to triple her income without changing anything in her business, simply by working with her own energy and body. That is when she started to teach others these practices & help them get similar results.

“I started expanding my methodology and incorporating these practices and this body of work. My clients started having even greater and deeper experiences.” Julianne adds.

Many times the feeling of fear is perceived as something negative that in business slows the individual down or and sets them back in their pursuit of success. Julianne handles fear in another way.

Fear appears when we are close to something important and special to us. Fear is an indicator that something really beautiful and valuable is on the other side of the contraction I’m about to go through.” She says.

In terms of challenges, Julianne’s biggest was figuring out how to best express herself and her business’ goals given that the topic of sex is considered a taboo and edgy for many people.

Sex is still a highly censored subject. Most platforms don’t allow you to talk about sex, even in an educational way. It’s shocking to see how many artistic & sex ed accounts get shut down for violating community guidelines. This is an obstacle that goes far beyond social media. It’s an issue around sex in our cultue & society.” Julianne stresses.

As of today, many people, especially women, are speaking out and hearing the call to remember who they are through their body and sex. Because of this, the sex, health and welnnes industries are one of the fastest growing.

But Julianne’s work ultimately differs from her competitors because she takes a holistic approach that listens to every part of the client’s human experience. The content and material she shares are not only based on science, studies & trainings, but also her very own lived experience. She also has a range of products, services, and offerings that make her clients feel satisfied at every stage of the process.

“One of my favorite parts about coaching & the work I do is how important our lived experience is. It is easy to know what is good for us & what we need more of, but the obstacles we bump up against on the way there, is when having support makes all the difference. Working with someone who has been where you’ve been is like having a roadmap to success. I feel blessed to have gone through so many hurdles & challenges in my life to better support the incredible humans I support.

Those experiences have allowed me to create my own proven 5-step methodology that has helped women heal their hormones after years of not having a cycle, let go of life long eating disorders, end expired relationships and start soul-aligned ones, end careers and build the multi-6 figure business of their dreams…but most importantly, live free & in their truth.” Julianne states.

Julianne will continue to focus on sexual and somatic healing, conscious relationships, wealth creation, and female embodiment with a no-nonsense approach. 

If you want to know more about Julianne, click here.

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