VAWA or Violence Against Women Act helps victims obtain residency. Diaspora Law is Ready to Make a Change in the Lives of Immigrants.

VAWA or Violence Against Women Act helps victims obtain residency. Diaspora Law is Ready to Make a Change in the Lives of Immigrants.

The Violence Against Women Act, better known as VAWA, was a major step towards protecting women against violent crimes. With broad support from both sides, it has been a staple in the fight for defending victims’ rights that were not always historically respected when in a domestic relationship.

Diaspora law is a law group that works with immigration cases, but they also help with cases involving violence against women. Both of these types of cases are often, unfortunately, intertwined and therefore, their work spans a number of important topics that they can help with.

“Diaspora Law is a U.S. Immigration Law firm that specializes in family immigration, business immigration and deportation defense. Licensed federally to practice U.S. immigration law in all 50 States and abroad.”

One of the many people who play an integral role in the diaspora law family is Oscar Barbosa. Oscar is a lawyer who received his degree from the Maxwell school of law at Syracuse University. He details his story below:

“I see immigration as a human rights-oriented practice. I currently provide consulting services worldwide, previously working with the Jesuit Refugee Service, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and with the Service Employees International Union. As an Attorney, I have been able to explain complicated options in understandable terms to my clients. My previous academic and work experiences have taken me for extended periods to Japan, Brazil, China, the United Kingdom, Chile and South Africa. I am a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the New Jersey Bar and have received extensive positive reviews in Avvo, Google and Super Lawyers. I am admitted to practice in the State of New Jersey as well as Immigration Courts nationwide.”

Oscar was inspired to join the immigration law space after his own family’s personal interaction with the immigration system in the United States. They find the immigration process tricky and difficult to decipher. They are left mostly alone by lawyers who don’t want to help or are too overworked. This leaves many people in an uncomfortable limbo where they can’t go home but also can’t stay here. Oscar wanted to make an impact and help others as he was helped so many years ago, and his team members have delivered great service to the clients.

“Immigrants navigate against the current in an unwelcoming immigration system. I enjoy assisting families in obtaining successful results or at least in understanding the system and requirements. My family’s past experience with immigration as well as my positive interactions with lawyers when I was young inspired me to get into this business,” Oscar states.

What separates Diaspora law out from many other groups of immigration lawyers is that they are prepared to help no matter what. This means being available to answer questions no matter the time or day as well as being able to provide help in your first language in order to ensure that people fully understand the process they are going through.

“Available 24/7, Diaspora Law lawyers and staff speak multiple languages and are available regardless of time zone, state or country. We will be there for you!

We are immigrants too. Diaspora Law is passionate about helping immigrants because we all have a deep connection to the cause. We have seen and experienced the struggle, the confusion, and the strength it takes to come to the United States for a better life for your family or business,” Oscar says.

To find out more about Oscar and his team, you can follow them on Instagram here and check out their website here.

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