Inkluziva Will Start Changing the World on September 14th! The New Economic System with Decentralized Finance Will Reward Students & Teachers for their Performance

Inkluziva Will Start Changing the World on September 14th! The New Economic System with Decentralized Finance Will Reward Students & Teachers for their Performance

The new Inkluziva Foundation’s Economic System with Decentralized Finance will change the world this month! The platform will be launched on September 14th to start revolutionizing the world through education! You can follow their social media channels to stay up-to-date about the event as the date gets nearer.

Inkluziva Foundation is an Education Ecosystem Supported by Decentralized Finance Network and Metaverse. It will add value to schools to improve the effectiveness of education, generating economic and social impact, aiming to mitigate the problems education faces day to day.

Why? Because quality education is not enough to change the world. We need schools to become an environment of social transformation that generates impact in the lives of the students and all its workers. Inkluziva will allow this impact to happen.

“Inkluziva was created out of a wish to solve the challenges of education in regions with fragile economies, great inequalities, and serious infrastructure problems. What started as an audacious idea that soon materialized into a portfolio of innovative products and services that unite technology and education”.

Its CEO and founder, Carlos Jacobino, believes in innovation, inclusion and opportunity. Inkluziva is his way of mixing these 3 concepts and uniting them into a new project that will continue growing, since it will open more opportunities to the whole economic system involved in it. 

Since Inkluziva is an ecosystem supported by decentralized finance, it allows the creation of a token economy that will financially reward the academic performance of students and faculty. In other words, this system will allow people involved in the learning process to receive an income. This will work as motivation for students to not abandon their studies, and also for teachers to support their alumni the best way they can.

Decentralized finance is the first pillar of the project, allowing this rewards mechanism. Zicoin will be the main currency of the platform, which will also be available on September 14th with its official launch. This will allow people to make different transactions in the ecosystem like buying goods and services with the income received.

The other pillars of Inkluziva are artificial intelligence, which will allow the mapping of symptoms in students and teachers; the metaverse, which will design different games with the purpose of building skills for the new digital economy in a dynamic and friendly way; and finally, the market of education, which will utilize Blockchain resources to provide the platform to education networks all around the globe.

“Inkluziva is a business that will open doors to a new world, where technological, social and economic development go hand in hand with the possibility of transforming lives. We will bring the best of the education universe to a decentralized world in order to fight the main global educational problem: economic inequality”.

Join Inkluziva in their live Global Launch this September 14th! Also, stay up to date with their Telegram channels, in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin You can also download the white paper and learn more about this incredible project here

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