Meet the successful self made man, and Simon & Schuster best-selling author- Bryan Chavis

Meet the successful self made man, and Simon & Schuster best-selling author- Bryan Chavis

As with many other aspects of life, the real estate business can be hectic and hard to maneuver, so it’s important to rely on reliable resources for anyone that is trying to get into the game. Bryan Chavis, Simon & Schuster best-selling author and international speaker, and with genuine experience buying and managing rental properties, provides one of the most comprehensive tools on finding property, financing, making an initial offer, how to determine if a property is a good investment, how to determine how much rent to charge through his books Buy It Rent It Profit! And The Landlord Entrepreneur. His best-selling books are considered essential guides for investors looking to build lasting wealth through multi-family real estate and property management. 

As an exemplar of what a real leader is, Bryan Chavis the past few years has expressed what he truly wants, what he expects to accomplish, and acted upon his expectations by going out there and doing it. On top of writing two best-selling books, Bryan co-founded Chavis Capital, a real estate fund that simplifies commercial real estate investing, and gives investors access to vetted commercial real estate opportunities with the potential to generate passive income and provides investors stability and strong returns utilizing their expertise in multi-family operations. At the helm of his private equity and asset management firm Chavis Capital, he also launched The multi-family matrix academy. The Buy it. Rent it. Profit Education is a membership-based platform that provides award-winning industry on-demand certifications designations tools resources as well as Coaching and Mentoring and Consulting programs.

With this, Bryan Chavis is now a global leader in consulting, coaching, and training for investors, landlords, asset managers & property managers. Under his leadership, these companies have developed one of the industry’s most recognized property management certifications, which has trained more than 50,000 landlords, Asset and property managers as well as public housing authorities to date. 

However, this was no easy task, as there were many difficulties that Bryan faced as a self-made entrepreneur. He faced a constant struggle in school as a special education student, he was indecisive in his basketball career, which he decided to end, and especially with health factors since he also suffered from a brain tumor. Bryan also struggled to look for a positive environment to thrive, and could not find a place to live, thus pushing himself into the career path of real estate that provided him a living space where he could thrive. Nevertheless, Bryan was positive and stepped out of his comfort zone which led him to the successes today including his two best-selling books and successful enterprises. 

“Don’t start your own business if you lack discipline and you’re unwilling to explore your faith. And don’t quit your day job just because you think you have the next big idea, work your day job until you can make your side-hustle a full-time thing,” says Bryan. It is important to understand that if one finds or creates an initiative that works, then take that opportunity and go with it. As long as one is true to themselves and believes in their personal development then that’s how one becomes successful. 

To learn more about Bryan Chavis, follow him on Instagram @Bryan.chavis, and check out his podcast , books, and website on

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