Tanner VanValkenburg, The Online Successful Entrepreneur

Tanner VanValkenburg, The Online Successful Entrepreneur

Many people are self-made, face adversity, overcome it and be successful. Tanner VanValkenburg is not different, he knows that his history is not unique but he acknowledges that his true unique quality is to use success to turn his life around and find his freedom to travel around the world.

“When I was 23, I dropped out of film and photography school to start my own online Instagram business, I knew that I did not want to work for anyone but myself and that was the best decision I ever made in my life to pursue my passion for photography and Instagram,” Tanner says.

Despite what looks like a simple journey in working toward success, Tanner recalls a lot of challenges. At the beginning the Instagram business was insane but when he figured out how to crack the Instagram world his life changed and became a successful entrepreneur.

“I have created a 6 figure online business only using Instagram and it took less than 7 month while being able to travel around the world. Shooting for multi millions dollars companies and brands, allows me to grow millions of followers on Instagram, with all the different accounts I run, manage and I have been able to help some of the top entrepreneurs grow on Instagram.” Tanner says.

Using Instagram, Tanner was able to grow accounts from 0-100k all organic in less than 8 months, have a full team and scaling up to 7 figures, he coaches and mentors people one on one about how to grow their Instagram account for their brands and business and take on students that want to learn how to make instagram a full time income and quick their 9-5 job. 

“If they do everything I teach, in less than 12 months they will be able to quit their jobs and be full time on Instagram,” Tanner says.

Tanner was able to become a successful entrepreneur, focusing and with a mindset dividing in 4 parts his instagram business:

  1. The consulting and mentorship teaching business and entrepreneurs  one on one with their instagram account How to grow it and make money from instagram.
  2. A  Full course on how to grow from 0-100k followers all organic. 
  3. He also has the agency side where he grows the brand business or individuals account for them all hands off for the client.
  4. To have a team that grows accounts and then he sells them off to brands or business owners.  

His motivation to start a business was his desire to have the freedom to spend more time with his family and to be able to travel whenever he wanted. He wanted an online business that allows him to work from anywhere in the world and make more money than a doctor while he travels and works around the world.

‘The biggest challenge when starting a business is to find the right mentor, that helps you grow and scale your business. To have the mindset when you lose a client or a customer and just have the good head to think that outside there are more companies and clients that need your help.’

“My inspiration to get into the online industries was to find the freedom to work from anywhere, not to be stuck to work from 9-5 and to listen to a boss. I did not want to work for someone else.” Tanner says. 

Mindset is the most important key to start a business. We have become a society adverse to losing or failure, but those are the events that make you stronger and help you grow. Setbacks are an opportunity to build our business vision and help our vision for the future. In other words, ‘Having a mindset when you are running your business, lead calmly and keep on going and never give up will ultimately succeed.’ 

“My advice for those that are trying to start their own business is to ‘Get a mentor is the first step,’ and pick up one that is doing a way bigger and better numbers and then choose everybody else. It will be an investment to work with them and receive help, but it will work it. Don’t give up, keep on trying and if you work hard and if you follow people who you look up to you will get there. It takes time to build a business, but remember you won’t make a million dollar on your first day,” Tanner outlines. 

Tanner VanValkenburg is a fighter, he advises to keep learning and improve your skills as a business owner. This year he has spent over 30k on different programs that help the learning process and how to scale his business. Investing into yourself is the biggest lesson to your brand and business.

“Fear is only skin deep and on the other side of fear is bliss. I think that more of the time people are scared to try new things and to grow and get out of their comfort zone. But in life you need to get out of your comfort zone to become successful,” Tanner says. 

Success is being truly happy and being able to be free to spend time with your loved ones, travel and enjoy the things you love to do in life. Do what you love and make a business of it, because happiness is the more important thing to chase your dreams.

“My next project is to scale my online course to 7 figures! While coaching and teaching 100+ business or individuals on how to grow their instagram account and make a full time living from it. Or blow up their instagram business account so they can have a bigger online presence and make more money with their business on instagram,” Tanner explain.

The biggest obstacles Tanner has overcome so far in his career was when in a month he lost half of his clients due to the pandemic, but in a period of the next 2-3 months he was able to scale right back to where he was. That was a pretty down time on his business, that he was thinking to quit but he knew that he couldn’t give up, because the key to success was to keep on, reaching out and working hard.

“I differentiate myself from the competitors by getting the real result and keeping away from fake news to grow.  I would rather have a business that has 10,000 followers that are true fans, which will help my business be able to to make sales, then 500k that are fake and you don’t have a legit following. My results with instagram growth if you follow and put in the work the results come very quick,” Tanner explains. 

Financial freedom means having the money to do the things you love to do without stress about how to pay your bills, travel around the world and experience life. In other words, being able to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

“Instagram has changed my life and it can change anyone else who is willing to put in the time. On instagram you don’t need to show your face to make more money than a doctor. This business is for the people who want the freedom of working while they travel and being about to be your own boss,” Tanner concluded. 

To learn more about Tanner VanValkenburg and his plans, ensure to visit him on Instagram at Tannervanv and check out his Website: www.https://gramuniversity.com / www.gramuniversity.com

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