Young Management & Consulting Helps Businesses With Project Management: Their CEO, Brandon Young, Knows the Importance of Team Building

Young Management & Consulting Helps Businesses With Project Management: Their CEO, Brandon Young, Knows the Importance of Team Building

Young Management & Consulting (YMC) is a firm that provides services in technology, energy, construction and gas industries, and specializes in strategic project management and controls, sourcing and procurement, construction management, and engineering services.

YMC has been achieving countless successes since its emergence in 2015, with 2020 being their breakthrough year. At YMC, they understand the complexity of communication, and have the know-how to support teams to find the most efficient way to convey messages and work towards objectives.

Additionally, YMC knows that talent crunch can complicate project management. They know what the best processes are to attract professionals because they have done it for YMC–a consulting firm that appreciates a culture of shared values. 

Brandon Young is the President and CEO of YMC. His experience in project management comes from working for over 14 years at major companies such as the Army National Guard, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Burns & McDonnell, and Welty Energy. 

But in 2019 Brandon stopped working for others and decided to start Young Management & Consulting, building it from a startup to a fully functional small business providing services in the energy, infrastructure and technology sector.

“A unique component of our business is the fact we develop software technologies and provide full PMO, project management, construction management, and owner’s engineering overview.” Brandon shares.

As the CEO of YMC, Brandon believes that the company has changed him as it allows him to see the big picture and in this way see the importance of helping other people of the community, and upholding a social responsibility. 

My responsibility has increased by wanting to add value to my professional and personal life, as well as the need to represent a diverse company. It has made me realize that I have to raise the bar. I am a voice for many.” Brandon says.

Moreover, Brandon understands that when it comes to business or companies where family is also involved, things can sometimes get complicated. The important thing is to know how not to cross the line between the personal and the professional. This is why Brandon seeks balance between his personal and work life.

I have family members who work for me now. It has brought us closer, but sometimes the switch doesn’t go off when it comes to talking about work. As a small business, you have to wear a lot of hats. You have to split your time equally between business and personal. Allocate time to what’s important at the time. There are times when my personal life has to take a back seat when it comes to my business.” He explains.

Young Management & Consulting distinguishes themselves from their competition because they are a diverse and small business, which in turn allows them to be more flexible than larger companies. 

“We can be more flexible than larger companies in a timely manner. Our leadership comes from larger company backgrounds. Although we may be small we have similar or better customizable processes in house. We call ourselves the navy seals team, for how they do business. We have a technical know-how.” Brandon comments.

Furthermore, at YMC, they understand that the people that make up a company do not always share the same point of view. 

The skillset is also limited in the workforce. It’s a challenge to find the right profile and the right team member. Talent is limited. It’s hard to find someone who is as dedicated to their teams as you are. My team members all share the common goal of succeeding for the company.” Brandon adds.

Moving forward, Brandon wants to add more staff and develop new projects so he can give back to his community on an on-going basis. YMC’s ultimate goal is to be a turn-key supplier to large companies.

Find out more about Brandon Young and YMC here.

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