Jean Michael Lund Olsen Decided To Make 2020 His Year By Creating An Investment Company.

Jean Michael Lund Olsen Decided To Make 2020 His Year By Creating An Investment Company.

Jean Michael Lund Olsen was struggling at the beginning of 2020. Like many others, it was not a good year for him. However, he had something bigger in store for him this year when he found inspiration in a book. 

“I started out in the beginning of 2020 a broke 18 year old highschool graduate with a little college experience. I had little money and had no financial literacy. By some random coincidence, I decided to pick up a book. This was the first book I had picked up in years. It changed my perspective completely. I couldn’t get enough of reading. I then picked up another and another, soon I was reading two books a week for some time,” Jean recounted.

This led him to discover the many secrets of investment and give it a try. After learning and trying and even failing, Jean Michael decided to take a more strategic approach to his effort, and it worked out well for him. Despite being just 18, he now runs an investment fund and has found incredible success.

“I run an investment partnership fund, where I specialize in stocks investing, real estate, and commodities. I’m also a Real Estate Broker and college student. I use my approach to investing to invest (for now) friends and family’s money. I hope to grow the fund to a point where new investors can get in,” Jean Michael explains.

Despite being so young, Jean Michael already knew that the nine to five life was not for him. He wanted to create a business where he didn’t feel like he had to work for some else, so he began his work in investment.

“Creating an income source that didn’t require me to work 24/7 as well as the ability to do something that I wanted to do, and grow doing it. My business became what it is through my ability to be radically open minded with myself. Starting a business was not the first thing on my mind when I started to invest but like a seed it grew within my mind until it manifested itself into an opportunity I had to act upon,” Jean Michael states.

18 years old and still growing from his experience, Jean Michael is different from the rest of the competition because he has learned from his eros and is willing to try and fail in order to obtain success. His dedication to his company and his different way of thinking keep him constantly ahead of the curve.

“I’d say I differentiate myself by my approach to investing through my ever improving values and principles I’ve created through trial and error. I’d say my adaptability as well as my radical open mindedness sets me apart from those I’d call competition. I’d say with what I created, it is in itself different from so many fundamental levels that what others in my industry operate,” Jean Michael comments.

With so much more left to do, Jean Michael is focusing on expanding his partnership and adding more clients to his business so he can help more people find the success that he did.

“My next project for this year is to expand the partnership and get more clients as well a couple new employees. As my fund grows so does my ability to expand, and become better levergered in great positions. I plan to head back to school to obtain my Bachelors degree in Finance this fall, while starting my real estate business,” Jean Michael says.

To find out more about Jean Michael, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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