Kaegi Leadershift is Teaching a Different Kind of Coaching and Mentorship

Kaegi Leadershift is Teaching a Different Kind of Coaching and Mentorship

Many of us look for a spark of motivation, someone to guide us, or a passionate person to set an example for how we should take something on. This is true for our work, our personal lives, and most of our goal setting in general. People rely on mentors and coaching as a way to cope with many of the stressors of daily life and to be able to prove to themselves that people have achieved what they want to despite all of the obstacles.

Kaegi Leadershift is one of the many companies out there that provide mentorship, motivational speaking, and programs for entrepreneurs who want to grow beyond in their lives and in the business world. Their main focus is to inspire and teach people how to be leaders in whatever it is they choose to do. 

What makes this business different from many others that offer similar services is that there are numerous experts who are ready and willing to enable people master their leadership skills and become their best selves while guiding them avoid obstacles that may arise. They are an international team of mentors and coaches who love and live what they do for customers in different countries and languages. 

Their group focuses on something unique called the LEX Leadershift ExcellenceTM for Life model. This is an exclusive development concept founded on their seven laws to move leaders from hard work to heart work®. It is designed for leaders who thrive to become who they are and to leave a legacy that creates a future for their children as the next generation leaders. This program is designed specifically for business executives and leaders who normally would be excluded from the coaching world, as they are often seen as the guiding force behind companies rather than the guidee.

What is most important to the Kaegi leadershift is that traditional leadership structures are left behind. Their goal is not to reinforce a corporate culture and ladder, but rather work to transform people and their managing methods. They describe their program as the old behavioral programs and structures of power are increasingly reaching into the void. What is needed, in their view, are leaders who can clean up their own delta and credibly lead the way.

The Kaegi Leadership team is led by their namesake, Heinz Kaegi. Heinz was an entrepreneur who worked for years in a big company making millions of dollars, but found that neither his CEO nor his company were working for him and were, in fact, stifling his ideas and creativity. That is when he decided to take his leap of faith and start Kaegi Leadershift.

“It was in the year 2016 when Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd. emerged from the emPowerment Group. The international team of mentors and coaches inspires, develops and shapes the future, together with visionary executives and for companies, to reach groundbreaking emPowerment, leading from that future and performing a sustainable impact for an economy of heart,” Heinz says.

To find out more about Kaegi Leadership, check out their website here.

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