Change Your Mindset On Investing With Successful Real Estate Investor And Educator, Amy Mahjoory

Change Your Mindset On Investing With Successful Real Estate Investor And Educator, Amy Mahjoory

Amy Mahjoory is an expert Real Estate Investor & Educator, Best-Selling Author, HGTV Personality and Keynote Speaker. Despite being a highly recognized global leader for Dell, she decided that a traditional education combined with the false security of a 9-5 was not producing the results she wanted. Real estate was the game changer and she’s now changing the lives of others. 

Amy runs an online real estate educational coaching program, through which she helps her students transform their minds so that they feel confident raising private money in order to grow and scale their business. She provides a ‘done for you’ system where she shows both new and experienced real estate investors all over the country exactly how to raise private money  using the same creative networking blueprint that helped her raise over $16 Million. Through her coaching, Amy takes the fear out of raising capital and breaks her systems down into a methodical system that is easy to understand and follow. 

“After losing my uncle to cancer in 2013, I quickly realized that tomorrow is never promised. This concept had a profound snowball effect on my mindset and I quickly realized the power of leverage. This belief – that time is everything – helped me take a unique approach in my real estate business, where I focused on leveraging other people’s money in order to grow and scale and pursue my passion in real estate full time,” Amy shares. 

While real estate started as a simple side hustle for Amy, she fell in love with the process of transforming a house. Her immediate success, despite the failures along the way, led to a 4 part series with HGTV, as well as the financial freedom to leave her corporate job and pursue her passion full time. Since then, Amy has helped thousands of real estate investors all over the country raise capital with her Raising Private Money Masterclass and she continues to change the lives of many. The masterclass is meant for anyone who is interested in having more freedom and more security in their job, who wants to build passive income, or anyone who wants to take their current investing business to the next level. Learn more about it here

“It’s my mission to help others become successful in real estate using the same systems and secrets that 6,7 and 8 figure real estate investors all over the country have used to raise private money for their real estate business,” states Amy. 

Amy plans to continue transforming the minds of real estate investors all over the country and show them how to get results faster and with fewer mistakes, while also building their confidence and taking away the fear that’s usually associated with raising capital. 

“I’m very direct and I’m going to tell you the good, the bad and the in between. With regards to my coaching program, there is no other real estate educator out there who teaches private money the way I do nor do they offer lifelong access to their LIVE coaching calls,” says Amy. 

After having built multiple businesses and learning many lessons along the way, Amy has learned that with the right attitude, anything is possible. Amy is proof that gaining freedom with a non traditional job is possible, and you too can change your life for the better. 

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