How Prince Omoha Is Redefining Luxury In The Real Estate World

How Prince Omoha Is Redefining Luxury In The Real Estate World

Omoha Nduka John popularly known as “Prince Omoha” is a Nigerian Real estate entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist. He is the chairman and CEO of Prince Luxury Group, a conglomerate with portfolio in real estate and stock investments and roots in both Nigeria and Hong Kong is redefining the luxurious real estate space in Nigeria.

Prince Omoha ventured into the world of real estate in 2016 and his efforts have been adequately rewarded. He has become popular for his signature luxurious residential homes in Lekki Lagos and elsewhere in Nigeria and beyond. In a little over 5 years, it’s clear that he has carved out a niche for himself in the industry.

Omoha Nduka John also has a philanthropic side which he achieves through the Prince Omoha foundation to support young entrepreneurs and as well the less privileges in Nigeria and Africa

The city of Hong Kong clearly was instrumental to activating his entrepreneurial instinct to venture into luxurious real estate business as he said “The city of Hong Kong really inspired me a lot to get started in the real estate business and it’s a something to be proud of,” armed with a strategic playbook that distinguishes him from the crowd, Prince Omoha is able to differentiate himself by placing Prince Luxury Group on a well-earned high pedestal above competition. In this way, Omoha does not need to exert time or energy with competition, giving him ample room to focus on being the best. This apparently distinguishes him in the marketplace.

Luxury is at the heart of the company’s value proposition and prides itself to deliver top notch luxurious homes that match international quality. In the words of Prince Omoha “That’s why we are called Prince Luxury, because we focus on luxury and comfortability”.

As part of Prince Luxury Group corporate social responsibility projects, 10% of its yearly profit is donated to charity under the Prince Omoha foundation to help and support young entrepreneurs in Africa, as well as the less privileged. This is in contrast to perceived perspective of competition. This clearly shows Prince Luxury Group is ahead of the competition.

Creating a blue ocean strategy in the luxurious real estate sector created a niche market for Prince Luxury Group by bringing together luxury and affordability with world class facilities obtainable in leading cities of the world.

Lessons learnt in his entrepreneurial journey has been vital in shaping Prince Luxury Group business strategy and approaches. Prince Omoha has come to understand the importance of mindset in every business objective, having been mentored by his father and uncle to understand the market dynamics in the Nigerian business environment.

His strategy articulation prowess is second to none, and has developed capabilities to contextualize business ideas, clearly articulate business goals and developing achievable strategies and activities to achieve set goals while mitigating associated business risks.

Providing needed leadership is vital to the success of any business. The ability to share your clear-cut vision with stakeholders is very important and the dexterity with which decisions are matched with execution is critical to earning the trust of stakeholders. This is needed to attract necessary partnership and investment to move one’s business towards achieving its goals.

One big lesson Prince Omoha learnt along the way, which serves as a primary example for young entrepreneurs is starting small, even where resources are adequately available. Being able to take a bite-size piece will make the business stronger as it grows. “Even if you have enough resources to start on a large scale, it is advisable one starts small and grow organically while building necessary clout to attract investment to scale and diversify one’s risk. This approach will enable one learn the ropes and dynamics of the business, and by extension help to understand the complexities and associated risks of the business. This will provide a vantage position to avoid big mistakes along the way. Most importantly never venture into a business you have no knowledge about,” Omoha says.

By fully understanding every aspect of the business through lived experiences, Prince Omoha emphasizes that entrepreneurs will find success by setting business goals, decomposing them into achievable objectives, planning the steps and tasks and implementing the steps to achieve desired outcomes. It’s a holistic process to find success.

Projecting ahead in the year and beyond Prince Omoha has exciting projects to look forward to, one of which is proposed new estate of over 250 units of residential buildings in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

Prince Omoha provided a hint on his newest project he revealed the mystery behind this and explained that the project converges two distinctly opposing entities; luxury and affordability, in a bid to put an end to average class in luxury real estate in Nigeria.

Omoha speaking at a briefing on what inspired the idea of the huge project, disclosed that; it’s an inspiration from the iconic architecture from Dubai. According to him, the project stands at the very core of sophistication, art and architecture. a holistic warfare game plan that uses the elements of surprise and speed in the execution of innovative ideas to achieve the impossible.

The new project is coming to disrupt architectural imagination and introduce a new trend with a waterfront property whose features and facilities cannot be found anywhere in Nigeria.

“In bringing this project to life, the company did not only scrutinized projects around Lagos, Abuja and other part of the country, studying the best estate projects in Lagos. Armed with these numerous information, Prince Luxury Group created exclusive features and facilities that gives a competitive edge over its counterparts.

“In other to satisfy investors with mouth watery deals on investment, especially at this time when business are just bouncing back from the Covid 19 pandemic, Prince Luxury Group is offering over 200% ROI in 24 months. In Nigeria today, treasury bills is sitting at 3%. Real Estate and Prince luxury group remain the ultimate investment options for savvy investors with more than 200% ROI in 2 years.

A 4 Bedroom duplex you are buying today for $150,000,00 will be sold at $450,000,00 upon completion, giving you over 200% ROI in 2 years.” Omoha disclosed. After completion this new project I believe it will not only compete with the best estate in Nigeria but with other notable luxury condominiums around the world.

Prince Omoha is a man of many parts and has received numerous awards including real Estate Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, real estate investor of the year 2019. He has also got several nominations and listed among Forbes Africa 30 under 30 class (2021).

To find out more about Prince Omoha, you can follow Him on instagram here.

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